Low cost, significant impact
per user per month
  • Employee recognition
  • Bithdays & anniversaries automation
  • Company rewards & gift cards
  • Employee rewards management
  • Company-wide feed
  • Location management
  • Slack integration
  • BambooHR & other HRIS integration
  • Outstanding onboarding and support
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Can I try Yougood for free?
Yes, you can have a free 30-day Yougood trial for a team of up to 15 employees. No credit card is required. Schedule your 1-hour onboarding session with our Customer Success Team for a smooth start.
How long does implementation take?
It's quick and easy, so we'll get you started with Yougood in one day. Employees are reporting they feel significant uplift of recognition even after the first month of using Yougood.
How do you protect information?
When using Yougood, all of your data is sent via HTTPS, and database and all backups are encrypted at all times. Yougood is hosted with DigitalOcean, one of the most trusted cloud services providers. Our service is GDPR compliant.
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Customer story
“In my experience, I’ve never seen such a stir around something that is being introduced into a company. Usually, it is such a delicate venture, where you needto invite people, explain, motivate, and remind. And here we saw an immediate wave of activity.”