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Peer-to-peer Recognition in the Company Feed

Every employee can say “thank you” to any colleague and give a bonus with points, which can be exchanged to reward from the company. Bring recognition from the office hallways to the company level.


+5 to @Anne I can’t hug you now, but you know you’re the best teammate I ever had!


I know that, sis!

Gif in comment for bonus

Store of Company Rewards & Gift Cards for Employees

Branded stuff, custom rewards and gift cards available world-wide, so employees can choose of what do they like most. We help to streamline rewarding process and reduce effort for HRs who managed it manually in the past. You can set up and manage stores for each office.

Rewards and gifts

Birthdays and Work Anniversaries

Don’t miss the day! Fully automated birthday and work anniversary bonuses popping up in the company feed, so everyone can join the celebration. Now the time to choose the right gift that fits for you.

Rewards and gifts

Work in Slack? You Don’t Have to Break Your Habits

Yougood have a great Slack integration that will keep everyone in touch. Send bonuses, manage reward requests and get notified about all important things related to you without need to leave Slack.

Slack integration

Awarding employees

Want to appreciate employee for referring a candidate, passing security training or help make your company a better place to work? No problem, set up claimable awards for any purpose you want.

Awards example

Thousands of employees? Great! We already handled it

Roll out Yougood to hundreds and thousands of employees in just one day, syncing all data with you HRIS (Google Workspace, BambooHR and others). GDPR & SLA complied.


Yougood can help you strengthen the culture of positive recognition

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